October 6 | For someone.


Take off those shades of reserve.

They make you look real cool

But I’d like to see you.

Remove the insecurities you cloak yourself with.

All the things you would change about yourself drive me crazy.

The very things you hate are the things I adore most.


Take off your fears and anxiety

And know that you can trust me with your most intimate feelings.

Allow me to slip off the guard you wear on your shoulders

And let me unbutton the pocket that shields your heart.

Now you stand before me in your most vulnerable state.

Naked with all of your emotions exposed

You need not be afraid

Because I will take all of my protection

And wrap it around us in a gentle embrace.


Poem I wrote for someone. It’s been a while.


Our meeting was like that of a delicate leaf in Autumn

That releases its grasp from the tree it always knew.

Carried by the omniscient breeze

It floats lightly downward

Into your hair as you pass by.


Like lightning striking there

Or there.

Sparks flying, accidental?

A seemingly random occurrence

Was really planned by Nature’s spirit


Who inspired the leaf to leave its home

And drew the crooked, narrow path the lightning took

To find its target below.


No mere coincidence

But well-intentioned 

And approved by all that watch from above.


Have you ever regretted saying that one thing?

Just that ONE thing … That messed everything up.

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